Energy Management

Advanced mathematic models help manage demand peaks while minimizing risk of non-delivery. Real-time analytics inform market decisions that maximize the value of resources.

smart home software displayed on a mobile phone

New Retail Energy & Smart Home

Consumer facing retail platform designed to save customers money by allowing them to manage their energy consumption through IoT devices, and find low-cost retail plans based on their unique usage pattern.

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Power Wizard

This digital retail business uses our proprietary algorithm to match the cost-effective energy plans to a customer’s unique usage pattern.

Available in Texas, consumers use this tool to comparison shop over 3000+ energy plans.


Energy Optimization

Unique retail offering pairing a wholesale energy plan with a smart thermostat that saves customer money during high real-time price periods. 

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Battery Control

We optimize battery system dispatch to maximize energy use and asset value.

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Our proprietary Battery Control (BaCon) system optimally discharges a battery using algorithms that account for forecasting complexities, real-time dispatch costs, and state of charge management.

BaCon supports NextEra Energy’s growth in the burgeoning Behind-the-Meter (BTM) battery storage market.

  • Commercial and Industrial customers use it for Demand Charge Management (DCM), energy arbitrage, Demand Response (DR), and Coincident Peak (CP) management.
  • Utility-scale customers use it to capture clipped energy for storage and optimized discharge.

Market Analytics

Our quantitative strategies seek arbitrage opportunities in selling virtual energy and physical flow of power.

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Day-Ahead/Real-Time (DA/RT) Optimization

Power marketers use our quantitative strategy to maximize revenues of NextEra Energy Resources merchant wind assets by optimizing the sale of energy between the Day-Ahead and Real-Time energy markets.


On/Off Peak Arbitrage

Storage optimization designed to maximize cumulative returns by arbitraging the on vs. off peak real-time or day-ahead power prices in the wholesale energy market.


Gas Origination Prospecting 

This market analysis tool forecasts pipeline constraints, providing market leads for gas originators and power marketers to acquire potentially lucrative transport contracts.